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What is WhatsApp Payment and How Will Work, Learn

WhatsApp payments were announced for Indian users in February this year. This feature has been rolled out recently. Facebook's proprietary company Whatsapp has been rolled out for this paid feature Android and iOS users. Let you know that Whatsapp is a payment service based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface), which is considered to be quite secure.

What is UPI?

Users can exchange any type of payment with UPI, with UPI linked bank account. Swift transfer can also be done abroad with this service. Whatsapp payment service is also based on this system. With the launch of this service, users can now request payment from any other Whatsapp users on payment Whatsapp. Provided that the mobile number used for the user's Whatsapp app is linked to his UPI based bank account. Whatsapp payment supports the main banks of India like ICICI, HDFC and Axis Bank. Soon, the country's largest national bank, State Bank of India will also get WhatsApp payment facility.

Set the Whatsapp app in your smartphone like this

Step-1: First go to your Whatsapp app settings and tap the payment option.

Step-2: Here you will need to tap on Ad New Account to add a new account (which will be found in the bank account headers).

Step-3: Now you can read and read all the terms and conditions here.

Step-4: Now you will have the option of SMS verification. Through this, you will verify your UPi Linked Bank Account.

Step-5: In the next tab, you will get the option to choose your bank account. By choosing your bank account, you will be able to enable the Whatsapp payment feature.

Step-6: If, on your Whatsapp, there are many bank accounts linked to the registered number then your bank will get an SMS, which will get the confirmation of setup of the UPI account.

Note: This option of Whatsapp payout has rolled out with new updates. If this option is not visible in your Whatsapp, then this option will appear with new updates.

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