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How to Download/recover your deleted photos, download these 3 apps

With these three apps, you can recover the deleted photos in your smartphone in minutes.

Have you accidentally deleted a photo from your smartphone, so now you do not have to worry or panic. In fact, many times, users accidentally delete any necessary photos in the hurry or to delete other photos from the phone. In this way, we have brought three such applications for you that are of great help to you. So know about the names and features of these apps.

 DiskDigger photo recovery

5 million users downloaded this app. It has got 4.2 stars on the Google Play Store. More than 2 million users rated it The size of this app depends on your device. With this app you can recover your deleted photos again. The app's interface is quite simple, making it easy to use.

Deleted Photo Recovery

You can download this app at the Google Play Store. This app has downloaded 5 million users. It has got 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store, which has been rated by more than 66 thousand users. The app sports many formats of photos. The app scans your internal storage to micro SD card. The app claims that it does quite fast response.

Restore Image (Super Easy)

This app has so far downloaded 10 million users. It has got 4.0 star on the Play Store, which has been rated by more than 65 thousand users. The size of this app is 3MB. In this app you get all the above features. You do not have to route your phone to use this app.

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