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Apple Pay will not launch in India, why the company took this decision

Apple will not launch its flagship cashless payment system in India from India's anti-digital India move.

America's company Apple Pay Payment System Apple Pay will not be launched in India. Apple will not launch its flagship cashless payment system in India by India's anti-digital India move. Let us know that this service is currently available only to users in Australia, Canada, Mainland China, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA and Taiwan.

Why did Apple take this decision?

Some media reports say that the Apple company has already postponed the launch of this service in India. If news is to be believed then Apple will not launch this service in India unless it sees what changes India has made in the rules related to digital payment. Earlier, Amazon and Whatsapp also postponed the launch of its digital payment service for these reasons in India.

Apple Pay will not be in India due to these 2 reasons Launch:

To store data in India:

In April this year, the RBI had instructed all Indian digital wallet and finance companies to store Indian users data in India. At that time, about $ 2 trillion in digital transactions were taking place in India. The RBI said in its statement that all payment system operators will ensure that the data relating to online transactions being done by their platform will be stored in India. "In August this year, the government introduced a Cloud Computing Policy Under which all Internet and digital companies were asked to store data in India. This is the biggest reason that Apple is not launching Apple Pay in India because he can not currently store data in India. That's because he does not have any data center here.

Contractual and pinless transactions are not allowed:

The second biggest reason is the pinlight payment. NPCI has not allowed pinlight payment system of Apple Pay. Apple Pay lowers the contactless payment system, which does not require a PIN and OTP. Through this, payment is made only through fingerprint. While NPCI has issued instructions to verify the payment, a PIN of 4 to 6 digits must be required. At present, NPCI is not allowing access to biometric access.

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