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Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and XR Launch, Available from September 28 in India

Read more about every small information gathered at Apple's September 2018 event.

Apple's September 2018 event is about to begin. A video is being shown before the event starts, in which the serie can help you, it is being shown. It can be assumed that the company can bring some major changes in the series. 
Tim Cook started this event in Steve Jobs Theater by telling about Apple and its products.
Team Cook made the beginning of the event talking about Apple Watch. He told how how Apple Watch helps many people in the world to stay connected and do daily work. After this, Jeff said that how Apple works closely with watch as well as how closely it works in areas such as fitness and health.

Apple Watch Next Generation - Series 4

Apple Watch Next Generation was first introduced at the event. Its screen is 30 percent larger. Changes have been made from Maps to Photos, Calendar, UI all. You will also be able to view different time zones in your reading while traveling. Through reading, you will be able to get information from boarding information about your favorite match. Some new read faces have also been added to this. Its speaker has also been redesigned. In this, the microphone is kept away from the speaker so that audio quality can be good. It has a 64 bit dual core processor which will double faster than the previous one. Apple Watch Series 4 will also detect your fall, that is, Apple Watch will know that you have fallen somewhere. This will be possible with the help of accelerometer geryoscope attached in the reading.

With this, the reader will also send an alert when you fall. It also has an optical heart sensor. This allows calorie burn, heart notifications, etc. during the workout. It includes 3 types of heart notifications. Electronic Heart Sensors have been added to the series. In addition, the feature of electrocardiogram ECG has also been added. This means you will be able to take ECG from your own reading. The company has got permission from the FDA regarding this feature.

This feature will be available by the end of the year. With all these features, the battery will back up the 18-hour battery. Watch Silver, Gold and Space will be available in Gray. In this read OS 5 will be available. At the same time, this gold will also come in stainless finish. Series 4 GPS and Series 4 cellular will come in 499 and $ 399. Apple's watch will be available from September 24.

Apple iPhone

Team Cook once came to the stage and talked about Apple iPhone 10 with a video show of its new iPhone. Come on stage to tell about the iPhone 10s at Phil Stage. Phone Gold comes with Finnish. Gold, silver and space will be available in gray colors. The phone is water and dust resistant. According to the company it is the best designed phone so far. It has a 5.8-inch OLED display. The phone will also come in 6.5-inch super retina display. More than this, the iPhone has been named the XS Max for the large display iPhone. This is the OLED display. With this, the Wide Stereo sound has been given. It also has Face ID. More than this, the iPhone has been named the XS Max for the large display iPhone.

A12 Bionic processor has been given in the phone. The phone has 512 GB of storage. According to the company, it is the most powerful chip available in any smartphone. This will increase the phone's performance from multitasking to battery life. You will now be able to add serial shortcuts too. The experience of AR in the phone will also change. Blades Game iPhone will be available this season. With this the chip will also support the Homaker app. This will allow real time feedback while playing games. Apart from this, the AR experience with AR2 will be experienced.

Camera: iPhone 10s has 12MP wide camera + 12MP telephoto sensor. The front has 7MP camera. Camera with A12 Bionic can use image signal processor and neural engine. Simultaneously, the SmartRD feature is provided in the phone's camera. There are many features available along with zero shutter lag. After taking the picture, the depth of the photo can be changed in portrait mode. This feature was not available in any camera yet. This will allow 4k video to shoot.

Dual SIM facility is also provided in the iPhone 10s and 10s Max iPhone. It has the facility of dual sim dual standby. For this, the company has used E-SIM technology. Live, Airtel will support It is already available in the eye-reading and eyed pad. There is a separate Dual SIM model for China. The event was told that Apple now works on 100 percent Renewable Energy.

IPhone 10R:

 The company has brought this new Apple iPhone to White, Black, Blue, Yellow Colors. The phone is water and dust resistant. It comes with Edge to Edge 6.1-inch LCD display. It has been introduced with liquid retina display. Its display is bigger than iPhone 8 Plus. It has a Haptic Touch instead of 3d heel. There is also face ID in it. The company also has a A12 Bionic chip in this phone. It has a 12MP wide angle camera. Its battery life will last an hour more than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Price and Availability:

 iPhone 10s and 10s Max will be available in India from September 28. IPhone XR will be available from October 26 for shipping and orders from October 19. IPhone 10s $ 999, 10s Max, $ 1099 and $ 10R 749. In India, the 64GB variant of the iPhone XS costs Rs 99,900, the price of the iPhone XSMax 64GB variant is priced at Rs 109,900 and the iPhone XR's 64GB variant is priced at Rs 76,900.

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