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Xiaomi launches Mi Notebook with 8th Generation Processor, Learn Price and Features

Chinese electronics manufacturing company xiaomi has launched its Mi Notebook. After smartphones, now xiaomi is preparing to enter the laptop market too. xiaomi has already launched the laptop in the Mi series. xiaomi's laptops are of budget segment and users like it. According to China's social media website, the starting price of this laptop has been kept at RMB 4,499 (about 45,900). At the same time, high end laptops have been priced RMB 4,999 (about Rs 51,999). These laptops are available in SAIL from August 28 in China. xiaomi's laptop will be on the Asus GenBook laptop.

Know about the features of this laptop

Features of Xiaomi Mi Notebook

Talking about the features of this laptop of xiaomi, it comes with the 8th-gen Intel Core i5 processor. This laptop has 4 GB of RAM. At the same time, 8 GB of RAM has been given in the high end variants of this laptop, along with the high end variant I-7 processor. Talk about other laptop specifications, it has a 15.6-inch screen. While there, the display supports full HD video. Talk about the graphics features of laptops, it has been given the Nvidia GeForce MX110 GPU. The graphics card has a virtual RAM of 2 GB.

Specifications of Asus ZenBook Pro 15

Speaking of the main specifications of this laptop, it comes with 5.5 inch full HD IPS display screen pad. Using this Touchpad, any app can be launched by tapping on the screen. This screen pad can be used as a secondary display. In this screen pad, apps like Calendar, Music Player, Calculator are given. Speaking of its other specifications, it comes in two variants of Intel Core i9 and Core i7 processors. Also, 16 GB of RAM has been given in the laptop. Talking about the graphics card, it has the Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 Ti GPU. The laptop comes with inbuilt storage of 1TB and a 15.6-inch IPS UltraHD touch screen display.

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