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How to use/download whatsapp in jio phone

Hey guys this is aditya rishi and welcome back to the our another blog post in this I'm going to write about whatsapp in jio phone.

How to download whatsapp and use in jio phone.

Reliance will promise jio phone users by August 15 that users will be able to use WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps. On August 15, users got all the benefits of all the apps. But the company said on August 15 that jio Phone users will be late in getting WhatsApp. According to the company, there was a delay in the arrival of WhatsApp due to Kaios in the jio Phone. That's because testing was necessary.

Whatsapp is coming soon for all jio phone users

Soon whatsapp is being rolled out in the jio phone. It is also possible to test whatsapps on the jio phone, whether it is working correctly or not. At the moment, some users are getting whatsapp on the jio Phone and hopefully WhatsApp will be available to all users in the coming 3 to 4 weeks. If Whatsapp is available in your jio phone then know how to download:

- Open the Kaios store on the jio phone and search for whatsapp.

- If you get whatsapp then download it on your phone.

- After downloading, open your account by opening it.

- You have to enter your phone number for OTP.

- Once the OTP is found, enter it to register your number. After this your setup process will be completed.

Google, Facebook and Google Maps are already available on the phone.

Let me tell you, Reliance jio GigaFiiber is coming with high-speed broadband services. Mukesh Ambani's company has confirmed the launch of the service. But so far the details of the plans for which the announcement has not been announced. At the launch of Giga Fiber, the company had said that this service will work on the basis of users' interest. The company has launched this service in August. It can be estimated from the fact that in August on the basis of the registration / response by the users, the company can announce its plans in the next month i.e., and which state will be started from this service.

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