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How to get jio gigafiber for 100gb for 3 months free

100GB data per month for Jio Gigafiber preview offers 3 months free 

Reliance Geo GigaFiiber is coming up with high-speed broadband services. Mukesh Ambani's company has confirmed the launch of the service. But so far the details of the plans for which the announcement has not been announced. At the launch of Giga Fiber, the company had said that this service will work on the basis of users' interest. The company has launched this service in August. It can be estimated from the fact that in August on the basis of the registration / response by the users, the company can announce its plans in the next month i.e., and which state will be started from this service.

The preview may be from GigaFiber launch:

 At the beginning of Geo Telecom service, the company had given a 3-month free preview offer to the users. Under this, users got the services of Geo Free for 3 months. Based on the response of the users, it is estimated that the company can do so in broadband plans too. The company can come up with the JioGigaFiber Preview offer, which will give users free services upto 3 months. However, these services may not be free and may also be based on the effective prize. As such, users will have to give some amount in the beginning and later the amount will be refunded.

Geo Gigaphiber Preview Offer Details: 

Initially, all subscribers of Geo Giga Fiber can be given Geo Giga Fiber Preview. After this, the preview offers will last for 3 months. Under the offer, users will get 100Mbps download and upload speed. With this, 100GB of data will be available with monthly FUP. With this, Geo will also provide additional data as data top ups for consumers. If the user consumes more than 100GB data in a month, then with the help of data top-ups, he can avail of 100Mbps speed. The special thing is that these data top ups will be free. Each top-up will give 40GB of data to the user. It can not be said that one user will be able to top-up in a month. At the moment, the plans of Geo are being developed. To confirm this, we have to wait for the official information from the company.

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