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Best 5 ways to easily earn money online

Hey guys this is aditya rishi and again welcome back to the our another blog post in this post we are going to write about top 5 best ways to easily earn money online.....So let's get starting.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a medium where you can use your skills to make money. There are many websites on-line that gives you the opportunity of extra income. These include,,, and You can get copies of your choice in these websites and many companies pay you for it.

2. Website

After buying Domain and Hosting you can design website. You get many free templates on Wodpress which you can use to start your website. You can make money by linking your website to Google Ad-Sense.
You can also make a free website on and buy a domain to earn money.

3. Translation

If you have a complete hold on any language, such as Spanish, French, Arabic, German and English, you can use it to earn money. In fact, websites like,, and give you the chance to earn money through a translation. By translating you can earn an average of 1 to 5 bucks on every word. In many places you get up to 10 rupees of a word.

4. Online Tutoring

If you have a passion to teach you can use it to earn money. You can earn money through tuition on websites like,, and For this, you have to fill out a form. Apart from this, you have to give information about your qualification. On selection, you can read the topic of your choice. Through this, you can earn 200 Rs to 500 rupees per hour.

5. Youtube

If the camera facing is your hobby, then Youtube can prove to be a great platform to earn money. You can earn money by uploading your performed video or edited video on Youtube.

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